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We assist business owners with setting up their ventures and can prepare and review any type of commercial contract.  This is all we do and we are very good at it.  All of our work is by fixed fee retainer, so you never have to worry about being billed for each minute or getting an unexpected bill.  

Wherever you are on the planet, we can take care of your legal services needs.  We work with you via email, phone and videoconference to best suit your needs and maximise the use of your time.

Why Clients Love Us

The Vivais Advantage

As a firm composed of lawyers with many years of experience and each Sydney lawyer having the integral and extensive knowledge on specific practice areas, we have been confidently providing our valued clients with cost-effective solutions through our innovative strategies in dealing with legal matters for many business owners. The essential legal services and solid representation that we have given throughout these many years have been enjoyed by numerous business owners across the country and internationally.


Therefore you are sure to receive the most comprehensive counsel and the highest value of legal advice or representation from a Vivais’ Sydney solicitor, or one of our specialist lawyers in Sydney. Also, you will never have to worry about complying with the requirements or meeting all your important legal goals that are set by the country’s important laws.


What you can always count on from us:


Customised Legal Solutions are designed to solve the problems and challenges you face as a business owner.

Fixed Fee Retainers are provided for ALL of our work to ensure you get excellent and transparent value and so we can focus on providing excellent service to you.

We Work as a Team to optimise our strengths and deliver you the best possible outcomes through a collaborative approach.

Our Expertise as a team exceeds 30 years in the legal industry and is geared towards smoothly and efficiently achieving the outcomes YOU want for YOUR business – we help small businesses thrive!

We Use Technology and Innovation to streamline the legal process, make it easier for you to provide instructions and to work with us in a way that does not disrupt your other business and personal commitments.

Our Dream is a world where clients love working with their lawyers and we cause this dream to become a reality by creating a positive and fulfilling experience for each one of our clients.